Aluminum Latching 12V Push Button Switch SPDT Power Symbol

12VDC latching illuminated stainless steel push button switch perfect for switching on and off a variety of electronic devices from car audio amplifiers to LED lights in automotive, home, or PC gaming applications. Its IP67 waterproof rating makes it suitable for marine as well as exterior environments.


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Universal latching push button stainless steel switch. Use it to switch anything from amplifiers to LED lights to in-home projects like gaming PCs

Illuminates power symbol and ring around the button head when activated. Can be wired so that the LED illuminates constant  or only when the switch is in the on position.

IP67 rated for dust and waterproof up to 1 meter. Can be used in automotive, marine, motorcycle, or industrial applications.


  • Mounting diameter = 16mm
  • Head diameter = 18mm
  • Mounting depth = 35mm
  • LED operating voltage = 12v DC, range = 9~16v
  • Max switch rating = 3A/250v AC
  • Contacts = 1NO, 1NC
  • LED life = 40,000+ hrs.


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Mounting hole diameter

12VDC voltage range

Overall diameter

LED lifespan

LED operating voltage

Maximum switch rating


Mounting depth

Switch contact type


Waterproof rating


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