40A Automotive Relay 12VDC Coil w/ Wire Harness

40A high current automotive relays for a variety of 12VDC applications. Switch your high current circuits using low current options like simple switches and save money on costly high current switches.


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High current electro-mechanical relays for automotive, marine, and a variety of other uses. Switch a high current circuit using a lower current circuit so you don’t blow out your switches. Save money by investing in high current relays rather than high current switches and circuits that cost a boatload. Activate more than one circuit from a single input. Use a single switch to trigger an array of relays to do the high current heavy lifting. All you need is a power source between 9VDC and 18VDC to activate the electromagnetic coil and you’ll have up to 40A of contact capacity at 13.5VDC. The power required to activate the coil is about 1.6w at 13.5VDC.

Coil Voltage Range

Contact Capacity

Nominal Coil Power


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