FBX-12 ATC Blade Fuse 12 Circuit Block with Negative Bus and Cover


12-channel ATO blade fuse box

From: $90.00

The FBX-12 from Sparked Innovations is a 12 position ATC blade fuse box designed to provide easy fusing for smaller accessories and add-ons like fans, DSPs, lights, actuators, crossovers, airbags, horns, voltmeters, bass enhancers, or any other 12VDC accessory up to 25A each output. Four positions are designed as a pass-through to run inline fusing up to 15A each. The FBX-12 also offers a negative ground distribution terminal and included fuse puller. The board is designed to handle 180A.

User Manual FBX-12 v1.0


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Input voltage

Output Terminals


Aluminum, Copper, Acrylic, HDPE

Maximum Current

180A @ 12VDC


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